Monday, November 28, 2016

Hey, Here's How You Can Learn Successful Self Publishing!

I’ve been working on a series of training lessons for self-publishing, and as I did, I realized, I know a lot of writers who have learned a ton of good stuff that could save a lot of you a lot of time, trouble and money. So, I asked, who would be excited about writing a lesson or two for people getting started in Indie Publishing? I was pleasantly surprised when not one person I messaged, came back with a negative response. Self-publishing is such a big topic, and self-published authors really get excited about it!

In fact, four of them said, yes, I have time to work with you on that, and so, Indie Pub Academy was born! And then I thought, you know, it’s not just writers that I’ve learned from over the years. So, I messaged my business coach and a couple of other friends that I thought could contribute some valuable insights and again, without fail, everyone said, wow, this is a cool idea, and two of them agreed to help!
So, with seven instructors, and an outline of what we wanted to teach, we set out to launch a one-of-a-kind training course for writers just like us! We learned so much of this crap the hard way. It took me over a year of full time freelance writing to make back what I spent, in time, hassle and money on learning how to get started. That’s why I created Indie Pub Academy. 

Here’s what we did. We set up a ten week schedule and I donated about half of my library of books to each student of Indie Pub Academy. We’re sharing interviews, tips, articles, how-tos, checklists and more. In each lesson you will find an interview with at least one author on that week’s topic. Then, they’ll share in written form, in more detail, how they do what they do, with the students of Indie Pub Academy.
I am so excited about the Indie Pub Academy self-publishing course. Really. I woke up with the idea in my head weeks ago and have not been able to sleep for thinking about how many people this could help. It’s being delivered in 10 lessons, because frankly, if we just sent it all this great self-publishing training to you at once, you’d never even read it all. I wouldn’t. So, we broke it down and we take you through the whole self-publishing process, from finishing and uploading your first book, to establishing a marketing plan to keep you going.
I wanted to share this here, because many of you have been very supportive of my work in self-publishing, and I know you’ll want to share this, and take part! So, we are offering a special price of $50 for the first 100 downloads. Get yours now to get the special price before it’s gone!