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3 Things Your Marketing Plan Could be Missing if it's Not Delivering Well Quaified Leads

Fire isn’t a “thing” it’s a happening, if you provide the right conditions, things will burn!Think about it, fire just happens!It’s a chemical reaction that happens when heat, fuel, and oxygen are combined in the right proportions.  Your marketing should be like that. If you’ve truly found a burning desire , filled it with a beautiful solution, and found a way to publicize that message, your marketing will catch fire.  In fact, a wildfire may be the only thing more viral than viral. It spreads quickly, leaves nothing untouched people gather to watch it and talk about it. Think about it, a cow kicks over a lantern in a barn, burns a few houses in Chicago over 140 years ago and people are still talking about it to this day! I want to tell you about another fire, not so famous, but maybe more impactful because it led to a huge realization that I think could change things. It happened in a dumpster outside an apartment in Tulsa Oklahoma.The year was 1992The 5.4 billion of us that existed at …

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