Hey, I Got a Great New Gig! Plus, Looking to Write a Book? I'm the Guy!

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If you've ever searched for a ghostwriter, you've probably run across Gotham. They are one of the top ghostwriting agencies in the world right now. Based out of New York, Gotham is the brainchild of CEO Dan Gerstein after realizing that although there are hundreds of agencies for ghostwriters, none of them were handling long form content writers. 

I've seen their work, and run across several of their authors in the past, even applied once, but my resume wasn't quite up to snuff yet. So, after a few years of producing books with private clients, I decided to try again and I made it! I'm excited for the opportunities this brings my way and hoping to take my own practice to the next level as well. 

I'm taking on new projects!

Well, I'm almost always open to new projects, but at the moment that means books! In the past five years I've had the chance to work on over a dozen book length projects with a variety of clients, from thought leaders in direct marketing, to public speakers, to real estate investors, and I've loved every second of it. 

Getting accepted at Gotham has lit a fire under me, though and I'm excited to find new clients to work with. If that's you, get in touch. Here are a few things I try to make clear to clients. 

  1. Early is better than later. The sooner you contact a professional the more they can help you explore options and design a book you'll be proud of. 
  2. Don't prejudge your story. Nearly everyone I meet and talk to is more interesting than they believe they are, it's all in how it's presented. 
  3. A well written book shouldn't cost you a dime. Now that I've said that, of course you'll be paying me, but the book will pay you back in sales, contacts, and business. 

Interested? Just find the "contact" button or, email me at MarkRMorris2@gmail.com for a free consultation. 


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