Tracking my Promotion, Including Some Great Author Promo Tools!

Good morning fair reader! Well, the promotion is going slowly but surely. With no list and no leadup, I managed to generate 25 downloads on the first day, and I’m looking to triple that today. So, in the interest of giving you some ideas of how to move your book from flatline toward the first sale, here is the anatomy of my campaign. 

Mass Planner

I start with Massplanner as my hub

I’ve mentioned it before but it’s the central pin of my entire operation. It allows me to be promoting while I’m writing this. It gives me the ability to create a network of “people” that share my posts and links. It’s great. 

Massplanner is an automation dashboard that works differently than any other automation tool. It allows for the use of multiple accounts to share content across a wide variety of social media outlets. I use five Facebook surrogates, accounts I have logins for that allow me to post my promotional information through them. (I didn’t tell you to make a second Facebook account, just so we’re clear, wink wink)

These accounts are also linked into blogs, Google plus, Pinterest and more. When I set up a campaign, one post might be shared by five people across a half dozen platforms. 

So, here were my results from yesterday

First, you need to hack your Amazon traffic. You can’t KNOW how many people visit your sales page, Amazon will not tell you. But, if you go to you can create a custom, shortened (great for Twitter) trackable link that will count not only the number of hits, but the sources of the traffic. Use your Bitly link exclusively when promoting to allow you to calculate your promotional CTR and conversion rate. 

·         I shared my promotion in 130 places yesterday, including about 100 Facebook groups for book promos, and readers. 

·         From that, I got about 85 clicks on my link, so 2/3 of the groups (approximately, no way to know this for sure) earned me at least one click, I’m sure some were more effective and some got 0.
·         Out of 85 clicks on my link, I earned 25 downloads, or about a 30% conversion rate, again, not bad for starting from zero. 

Promoting to lists of locations will help you fine tune your strategy

I create promotional lists of groups, profiles and pages that I want to post to, that way I can see which parts of my campaign are the most effective, so that I can repeat them again and again. The lists that don’t bear great results can be edited and tweaked to improve the conversion rate. I also make sure I am serving the same content to all of the lists of locations to make sure I am comparing apples to apples. 

So, how long does all of this take?

The set up is the most time consuming part. Gaining access to profiles you can use, then inputting them, and adding them into your promotional groups on Facebook, Google Plus, etc, is the most time consuming part. Once that’s done, campaigns take very little time to set up and zero time to run.
·         Use images whenever possible and mix them up. I use book covers, but I also create illustrations of various aspects of the story. Any program you use to create ads or memes will work for this, I use photoshop. 

·         Make your text fun, funny and engaging. Lure the reader in. Make them want to comment, or click on your link. One line that gets some good response for me, is to guarantee double money back on free downloads. It always gets comments and clicks. 

·         Whatever tool you use to automate your campaign, input your posts and choose the locations to send them to, then start it up and get ready to respond. 

Make sure you engage with the audience. 

If someone comments, or shares your promotion, like their comment, or post. Comment in return. Ask questions, engage them in conversation. Posts with conversation are more likely to catch attention and will rise to the top of the group newsfeed. 

·         Use your surrogate accounts to like and comment on each other’s posts. You can start a conversation with yourself if you’re creative, making it appear there is even more interest. This always draws a crowd. 

·         Be polite, even if someone is rude. The audience is watching your response, if you manage to defuse a heckler, they will be on yours side. If someone is harassing, simply delete their comments, rather than responding in kind. 

·         Commenting and liking also makes posts appear in your notifications on Facebook, giving you even better tracking over the conversation. 

Don’t be afraid to claim credit for rankings!

Amazon has split the rankings between free and paid downloads. Don’t lie, but when you reach the top ten in ANY category, screen capture it and promote it! People like success. They like things that are perceived to be popular and the more you promote your success, the more others will be willing to share and promote it too. They want to be associated with winners. Be one!

One more tool that I used on this campaign to date

Sign up for Copromote. It allows you to boost a Tweet or post so that other users can retweet, or share your content. It expands your audience and gains you new followers. I’ve only used the free version, but I have a friend that swears by the premium version as well.


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