Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year, New Site!

Well, Happy New Year! If you followed my old blog, you will soon find much of the old content has been migrated here, rearranged and plugged in. I am trying something new. With my Wordpress managed site, I never was able to get the volume of traffic that I wanted, so, now, I will revert to a blog platform I have been familiar with since it's inception, and put my site on Blogger.

Why? Simply put, to test the theory that Blogger gives SEO advantages to those who use it and will hopefully boost my traffic. For now, since this is the first post, I don't expect much, but we shall see. I will continue to share about my life as a freelancer and about my books, a new novel which is about to come out and other entrepreneurial, positive thinking and spiritual insights as they come to me.

So, here at the beginning of 2016 I find myself almost starting over in the freelance market, with two solid, regular clients and a few smaller ones at the tail end of ghost writing a political book that has taken up most of the rest of my writing energy since July. I have been applying to job posts like a crazed person for the past several days and if experience is any guide, I will soon have some offers.

So, what do you think of the layout? I'm not completely set on this, but I'm testing it for now. Leave me a comment, or a question, especially about freelancing, I love to answer questions.

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