Thursday, February 18, 2016

I'm Building a Free Website Traffic Machine that I can Set and Forget!

Yeah, I know, it sounds like an ad for one of those online courses I am always warning you against. But, I'm not selling anything, at least not yet, well, unless you count my writing guide, which is selling like crazy.

So, here is step one of the traffic system. You need to create multiple Gmail accounts, don't worry, it's perfectly legit. Call them whatever you want. It takes a bit of learning to keep them separate from your original, but once you have it, you also have access to a G+ account, and a blogger account, among others.

Once these are set up, a site called will help you with the rest. They have over 60 different channels that can share links to your blog, sales page, Youtube videos, or other URL. For each Gmail, you set up a series of accounts, across these social platforms.

Then, share the RSS feed of your page into the various accounts. It's as easy as that. Once they are set up, each of these IFTTT "networks" can share your posts up to 20 times, or more! That means with three surrogate Gmails, you could be creating 60 backlinks to every piece you post. It's like gold.

I'll keep you posted as to how well it works for me!

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