Sunday, July 3, 2016

Tricks I Used to go From 600-2500 Twitter Followers in 90 Days!

I've talked some about this, but here it is again. I was in the social media marketing business in 2010-2012 and did pretty well, but I got bored. I had built up a Twitter following of over 8000 people, which was pretty good for a non-celeb in those days, but my account got hacked and I had to start over. It dwindled down, due to inactivity to 600 followers at the end of March, 2016, when I decided to get serious again. Here's part of how I am making my come back!

So, you’ve noticed your Twitter followers gradually creeping up and you don’t know how to get that number to go faster. You know that a larger audience means more value for you, but where do you even begin to find the right kind of followers? And once you do, how do you ever get them to follow you back? 

**Warning! I am about to say "follow" about a billion times!

  • ·       Post good useful, fun content! A sure bet is to repost something that’s been retweeted a lot, right from the source, instead of retweeting it. 

  • ·       Don’t spam. Your typical posting cycle should contain at least 70% shares of other people’s content, quotes, jokes, memes, etc, not marketing. 

  • ·       When you market, make it fun. Tease them into it, or make an offer that benefits your audience.

OKAY! I already know that but where are the followers? BRING ME FOLLOWERS!

Well, first, without a solid Tweet stream, followers are useless. They may follow for a while, but they’ll ignore you if you don’t give them what they want, after all, every Twitter account can follow up to 5,000 tweeters. 

They don’t need your content, there’s plenty to go around. So, where do you find the right people? Here are three places to look for awesome Twitter followers to follow and interact with to build your platform!

Follow followers who follow your heroes!

If there are people you look up to in your industry, genre or niche, follow them. In turn, you can see who else is following them! For instance, Stephen King fans can access a list of over 1 million horror fans! So, what next? 

  • Follow the profile of the person you admire, or a celebrity in your niche.

  •  Find their list of followers on their profile.

  • Scan through them for people you’d like to follow you!

Remember, there are limits to how many people Twitter will allow you to follow (5000) and if you decide to unfollow those that don’t follow back, be careful. Do it too fast and you’re “churning” followers, which can get your account locked down, so, choose them carefully. Look for profiles with large, active followings for best results. 

Follow the subscribers of lists you are added to, or subscribe to!

If you’re like me, I get added to a list at least once a day. These lists are typically topical and relate to things I Tweet about regularly, which is writing, science fiction, theology and libertarian politics. So, I know that most subscribers at least have some level of interest in my brand. 

  • ·       Go to your profile, find lists and click on it.

  • ·       Click on “Member of” at the top of the page to find lists that are sharing your content.

  • ·       Click on a list and access either the “members” (others who are also shared on this list) or “subscribers” (people who signed up to get the list delivered to their stream)

The same rules apply here, filter the profiles for people with large and active followings and follow them. This is a passive strategy that works pretty well, since you are choosing active profiles with large active followings. 

Follow people who use hashtags related to your brand, or their followers!

A hashtag is a conversation label. It works like this, if every Twitter conversation were in a room, the hashtag is what would be on the door to let you know what type of conversation is happening inside. So, search for some hashtags related to you. For instance, I like #amwriting #amwritingscifi #amreading #indiepub, you get the idea. Follow the conversation, retweet, like and comment on some posts, then select some people to follow.

  • ·       Find a tweet you like, preferably one that has been retweeted and liked to show it’s popular with the audience.

  • ·       Go to the profile of the person tweeting it, (or organization or business as the case may be) and follow them.

  • ·       You can also follow their followers for even more targeted leads.

Is that all there is to it?

Yep. This will increase your following numbers,  but then it’s up to you to make them into real fans of you brand, work, products, or what have you. Continue to build your numbers and offer relevant content and you’ll have a following that will help you launch products, buy your books, visit your website and help you spread your message. Happy Tweeting!

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