Wednesday, August 10, 2016, the Social Media Platform That Pays You to Contribute!

So, last night, completely by accident, I discovered an interesting new social media platform. Some of you may not be impressed. It's okay, I've reached that age now, where I "find" things I misplaced a week ago and get excited. Anyway, it's called and it might just be the future.

What's so special about Steemit?

Well, first, the platform itself is unique, partially because it's in beta and doesn't have a highly polished user interface yet. But, there are several other reasons.

-          Steemit has its own crypto-currency (it's kind of like  bitcoin)
-          You get paid to comment and post, instead of paying them to get your content read, refreshing, right?
-          They have, as two of their primary goals, the elimination of censorship and the elevation of quality content.

Why I'm on Steemit

First, the way I found it was weird. I was on Facebook and saw a random mention of the site in a comment by someone I'm friends with, but don't really know. It was in the context of being skeptical bout the value of the platform. That. to me, is how treasure hunts begin. Ha

 - I have a fascination with crypto-currency and expect it to be the future, in some form, of most transactions on earth.
 - I love the idea of making money for my ideas, I won't get paid for this post, unless it goes viral.
 - I saw a writer who claimed he made $30k in his first week, so. I had to try it.

Who should try Steemit?

Well, my initial response would be anyone. After all, it could be the next Twitter, or Facebook. Why not? And if you could reclaim even a few cents for all of those hours of pounding keys, wouldn't you?

 - WARNING: this place is the kind of rabbit hole that could be a huge timesuck that may never pay me anything. So, be forewarned.
 - Writers looking to establish their work can get immediate feedback, and might even get paid!
 - Anyone who wants to know what's next online. Whatever comes next is likely to be more egalitarian and "user owned" than what we have now.

Things you should know before joining

 - This is not a get-rich-quick site. You won't. But, some have had some   pretty exciting results. Most of those already had an audience in    other places and simply invited them to join Steemit.
 - The bigger the voter, the more their vote counts. The biggest are known as whales. Many say the only way to get big payouts is for one of them to upvote your content.
 - Don't invest any money. They get you started. Unless you are a savvy investor that understands this better than me, I wouldn't advise.
 - There's a sizable chance this thing will fail in the first six months, so do not move all of your eggs into this basket. Add it to what you are already doing for best results.

If you’re interested, you can find my “blog” page on Steemit here.

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