Wednesday, December 7, 2016

0 to 60 Book Sales in 60 Days Challenge, Day 3, IFTTT strategy.

Today is  day three of the challenge and I managed to accomplish a little. I got the second podcast episode up today, with some strategy for IFTTT automated syndication networks to spread your blog traffic across the web with every single post! Go check out the specific strategy for IFTT and a link to an applet  building tutorial, here.

Following the strategy outlined in this post, you will create over 800 backlinks from your blog per year, or, blog  daily and increase that to over 5000! just by posting on your blog! That's right, one time set up, and forget the rest.

So, day three didn't go exactly as planned, but we are gaining some momentum, I got over 60 new Twitter followers, and was added to four large lists yesterday, just through sharing this challenge.

So, I need your votes on the or platforms to sell from. For now, I'm on Gumroad with the podcast, because the platform offers me the ability to add a file for each episode, and you can access the whole archive just by leaving an email to sign up.

In addition to the Twitter followers, we gained a few likes on our Facebook page, which is here. Please take a moment to go like it and comment. Thanks!

So, we are on our way and tomorrow I'll share some blog numbers so far and more on the IFTTT network building !

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