Thursday, December 1, 2016

I Found a Really Cool Indie Pub Book! You Won't Believe What's in It!

When it comes to Indie Publishing, you have got to find a way to stand out from the crowd, really make people pay attention. We live in a post-consumer age now, and we are really on the edge of developing an almost entirely attention driven economy, where those that have, get more and those that have no audience, shrivel up and blow away! 

It’s not about talent, or substance, it’s about style. It’s about making people want to  be a part of something. Involving them in an “experience!” right? So, in book marketing, how do you achieve that? Well, in my searching recently, I stumbled across this Indie Pub genius, who calls themselves “Future You” and has put out one book so far, “A Message From Your Future Self”.
It’s going viral!
The last I checked, the social media tools I use said over 15,000 people had shared or liked it so far, and the number keeps going up. Well, when I saw it, it was on a friend’s Twitter and I asked her what was in it,   but she would not tell me. So, finally, I broke down and bought it. 

Here’s what I learned!
First, I’m not going to tell you what’s in it, it’s inspirational, that’s all I’ll say, and it was a really great little read. But, I’m going to play Future You’s game and go along with it, for now. Why? Because I like what they’re doing and they are standing out from the crowd with something unique. There are no sales pitches, nothing to keep this chain going, just a simple, inspirational book. 

They got under my skin!
I went to bed, and started thinking about it again. I wish I could show you the order page,  but I didn’t screen capture it, it must have been three in the morning when I broke down and ordered this book and I’m glad I did. It really did speak to me, but mostly for the simplicity of the marketing the boldness of the message!

Kudos to Future You!
Well done, whoever you are, and if you get the book, and find out, don’t tell me. Of course, if it was really my future self sending a message back, I’ll know eventually, right? LOL

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