Saturday, April 23, 2016

5 Reasons Writers Should Use Social Media Automation

When it comes to social media, consistency is the key to building a responsive audience that can help spread your message, market your products and bring traffic to your site. By being a constant presence, you give more users the opportunity to interact with your content. But, how do you do that and keep up with your own creative output? There are three basic options. One, work it into your schedule very intentionally and do it all yourself, Two, hire someone else to do it, which means earning more to pay for the service, or Three, automate.
So, about this automation stuff:
There are a lot of software tools that will handle one or more social media platforms. They range from simpler schedulers, to full-fledged desktop dashboards that keep track of everything from posting to stats.

  • ·       Look for a tool that posts without leaving a fingerprint “posted by Hootsuite” counts against you in most social media platforms
  • ·       Check out several before you choose one. Each has different options. Find the one that does what you want to do for the price that works for you.
  • ·       Take the time to read and watch tutorial and experiment until you know your tools features. Most do more than you think and knowing what’s possible is the way to get your money’s worth.

REASON #1 Writers Should Use Social Media Automation
Your Time is Valuable
Social media can be a huge time suck Here’s what’s cool about automation. You are busily writing away, while you get new fans and new responses, so that when you have a minute to join the conversation there are things to talk about!

  • ·       Automating things like friending/following (using filters for targeted audience) is a great way to auto-grow your audience
  • ·       Think of good things to say, add them your automation, they go out when you want them to. You don’t have to be witty, interesting, or entertaining on cue
  • ·       Every well-paid working author says, writing your next book is your best marketing, so spend your time there

REASON #2 Writers Should Use Social Media Automation
 Social Media Happens Every Day
Miss one day, you miss a lot. Not all of your audience is on every day, but some will be. If they find fresh content, they are more likely to interact, so keep it fresh.

  • ·       Choose specific topics, or types of content for specific days and schedule several weeks at a time. Base this on trending topics, if you can. This works well on Twitter.
  • ·       This gives you the time to share various kinds of content. It’s best to share multiple types each day.
  • ·       Top of Mind Awareness is something that helps when your fans go looking for their next read. If they just commented on your post, or  Retweeted you, that can go a long way in their decision

REASON #3 Writers Should Use Social Media Automation
 You’re going to forget, or get too busy
It’s easy to come down the end of the day and think, crap, I forgot to tweet today, or post on Pinterest, whatever you like and your fans dig. You can always sneak something in at bedtime, or in some odd moment, but the temptation is to post multiple things at once and all of that is unlikely to find an audience, unless you can spread it out.

  • ·       Automation is the ONLY way I post every day. I have a few things set up to go, whether I look at my computer or not. Then I’m always making progress on audience engagement.
  • ·       When multiple posts are seen all at once, it can tend to look spammy, especially if any of your posts are marketing!
  • ·       The one day you forget, will be the day you could have started an awesome conversation among your fans.

REASON #4 Writers Should Use Social Media Automation
 It’s automated backlinking!
If you’ve studied anything at all about Search Engine Optimization, or website traffic, you know what a backlink is. If not, in a nutshell, it’s a little sign pointing internet browsers back to your website content. The more you have, the more likely you’ll be to have good website traffic.

  • ·       Every single time you share a link on social media, it’s a backlink from a high authority site. They’re good for business, very good.
  • ·       The more interactions your backlinks get, the better the traffic will be, so posting them regularly is your best bet.
  • ·       These backlinks are a great way to share old blog or story content you might forget to promote otherwise. Just because a post is two years old doesn’t mean it’s dead. Every click counts!

REASON #5 Writers Should Use Social Media Automation
 It’s a great way to make Social Media a ‘Creative’ task
With automation, you can map out your social media campaigns. You can send messages when and where you want them. You can recycle them automatically, look at your calendar to vary your post types and choose the best times of day. It also allows you to spend concentrated time thinking about what you want to share once a week, or even once a month, so you don’t have to every single day.

  • ·       Save ideas and resources to add to your social media calendar and choose the best times and sequence to share things for a more intentional approach.
  • ·       Choose the best time for you to focus on social media, so that you don’t feel pressured by it.
  • ·       Take time to craft posts you think your audience will love, rather than thumb texting something in a rush in line at the grocery store.

So, here’s the tool I recommend.
I’ve used a lot of social media automation tools. If  I was going to design one, it would work a lot like Mass Planner. It does more than scheduling, it can help you automate your Twitter audience growth, find great groups on Facebook, or boards on Pinterest and it posts AS YOU, to give your posts and tweets maximum impact.
  •    Works in the most platforms of any dashboard I’ve used
  • It’s cheap, just $10 a month, even for enterprise scale solution
  • It has more features than any other tool I’ve seen, and add ons you buy once and use forever.
  • Whatever tool you use, I recommend that every author automate at least some functions of social media to maintain a steady, designed presence that helps create the author profile you want your audience to see. 

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