Monday, April 4, 2016

Here's How Any Writer Can Build a Targeted Audience on Twitter, Quickly and Easily!

Once upon a time I was social media “Guru” back before it became passe to say you were. I was top ranked on Linked In for “social media” for about a year and made some decent money, but I couldn’t keep up with the changes and guarantee good  client results, so I got out. In the meantime, I had built a decent Twitter following and would have loved to maintain it,  but my account got hacked and I couldn’t shut it down, or recover it. So, I had to start over.

Fast forward to today. That was several years ago and my new Twitter account had pretty much sat dormant except for auto tweeting from my blog and few shares now and then to keep it somewhat active. Now, I’m jumping back in with both feet to promote my newly released novel, Jacked, Part one of the Origin Dime series. So, dug back through my old blog posts for ways to grow my following fast and found some great tricks that are really working quickly!

#1, It starts with who you follow!
You probably already know that a good way to get legit followers is to follow other people and you could just follow the people Twitter suggests up to your max, everyday, and over time you would grow a large group of followers, or would you really? 

  • ·       Social media is about saying the right things to the right people at the right time
  • ·       The biggest key is making sure you are speaking to the right audience
  • ·       Blindly following Twitter’s suggestions may not be the best way of doing that

You can find the audience you want!
So, why does it matter? Having the wrong Twitter followers could be bad for at least two reasons, which I’ll explain in a minute, but what is a good Twitter follower? In my opinion, a good follower has at least four characteristics, all of which you can look for. 

  • ·       They are active on Twitter, in general, the more the better, but they should have multiple recent Tweets.
  • ·       They have a good number of followers, typically at least in the thousands, this is a volume game
  • ·       Their followers are active and interact with them, RTs and likes on their posts indicate this
  • ·       Most importantly, they talk about the topic you want broadcast
  • This is no guarantee that they will help you, they have to follow you first,  but they are the target audience you want!

#2 Here’s how you can find those people
Twitter is arranged by profiles and lists. The profiles are called “accounts” or sometimes “people” depending on which page you are working from. To find the right people to follow, you’ll need to do some searches. This is much easier if you start with accounts that are based around your topic, rather than individuals. 

  • ·       Find an account that looks like it makes sense for your audience. For instance, recently, I’ve been looking for groups of science fiction fans, so I search science fiction terms, titles and writer’s names to find accounts tweeting about that.
  • ·       Filter out the ones that have the largest following. I look for accounts that 10k followers and up, which gives me a lot to choose from in a single “vein” of mining for followers.
  • ·       Click in to see all of their followers. Start following, or you can filter a bit more.
  • ·       Click into a potential account and scope it out, how many followers do they have? How many liked their last few tweets? Any RTS? Choose active people with large followings. 

Remember, it’s not just about how many people follow you, it’s about how many  people follow the people that follow you! So, once you have determined which accounts you would like to have as followers, follow them. Here's why following the wrong people can be bad.

  • First, it gives you the impression that you're winning. You see numbers growing, but you probably won't get much activity from non- targeted followers
  • Non-targeted followers can make you look like a bad follow. If you use the tips I'm giving here, someone with a lot of followers that don't respond, might not make the cut!

#3 How do you get them to follow you?

A lot of people will autofollow, or follow you pretty quickly, especially if you are Tweeting in their niche and are active. But, for those who aren’t looking at the accounts of their new followers, or auto following, there are things you can do. 

  • ·       Click into their account and find some tweets to like. Choose things that make sense for your audience, they will be seeing this too.
  • ·       If you really want to get their attention, RT their tweets. Spread this out. Doing it two or three times at the same time will only pop up one notification. So, do this over a couple of days.
  • ·       Mention them. Don’t go overboard, but if you make these three contacts a couple of times, anyone that is going to follow you, probably will, unless they are really selective, in which case, be patient and show them what you can do

Why does all of this matter? Because when they follow you, they can like your tweets, retweet you and mention you more readily, feeding your feed into their followers feeds. 

How well has this worked for me? 

Well, like I said, I was starting with a pretty small following, around 800 people. That means that getting more followers by just tweeting is a bit of a challenge, but it happens. In two days of working this system, I managed to add almost 300 followers! Good news? Yea! But the best news is, they are all interested in what I’m writing!

Wanna put this plan on steroids? 

I recently tested a new social media dashboard tool. Remember, I spent two years doing nothing but researching and using social media, so I am familiar with most of them. This one is different, completely different. 

It automates things the others never think of , 

  • like finding groups on Facebook, huge numbers of them. 
  • Or friending people, or following, responding, 
  • Retweeting, the list goes on. 
  • It works in Facebook, Google+, Linked in, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

So, I tried the free trial. And, it turns out, it was pretty great, so I signed up for $10 a month and bought a couple of the add ons. The subscription price stays the same, and any add ons you buy are one time purchases that you then own. It works. It has boosted all of my social standings more than simple scheduling tools had the power to do. So, I signed up to help them promote. Here is my affiliate link, and you get a free trial there. If you like it, buy it, I think you will. I do get a commission, but you pay the same price as everyone else. 

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