Sunday, April 17, 2016

The 21Stories in 21days project.

As a professional writer that has had my work published and shared with audiences hundreds of times throughout my life, I have enough perspective to realize that the reason my first serious attempt at promoting my own novel isn't going so well isn't because it sucks, or people don't like my writing. In fact, that novel was read by over two dozen, all but two of them loved it and outlined why in their critiques. So, something else has got to be the problem. So, I thought, why not give away some free samples that don't require a download.

Thus was born the 21stories in 21days project. Starting on April 12th, I decided that I would write and post one new story every day for three weeks. These stories are all original and mostly unedited, "raw footage" so to speak. So far, the response has been great! Every story in the series so far has been read over 100 times, which, for this newly rebooted blog, is good.

I'm excited about the challenge and the opportunity. It's fun to be put to the test for the first time in a while. I learned writing doing live drama, in the form of original sketch comedy, right out of high school. Each week, with a team of other writers, I would help to create two sketches, some dramatic, but mostly comedic, for a live audience comprised of several hundred of our peers. It's a great way to find out if you have what it takes and hone your skills.

So here is a list of the 21 stories, that I will add a new link to every day until they are all complete! I'm considering publishing the finished result as a book of short stories, we shall see! Meanwhile, I continue to work for my freelance writing clients and working to edit my longer fiction and publish it. Let me know what you think of the stories, the idea, or anything you find here. Thanks!

STORY #1 Fly Me to the Moon

STORY#2 Life After Social Media

STORY#3 Wormhole OS 6.9

STORY#4 Blocked

STORY#5 The Dimensional Rift in Metropolitan Police Precinct 2

STORY#6 The Pinocchio Protocol

STORY#7 6th Grade Research Project 

STORY#8 Wormhole OS 6.9 Part 2

STORY#9 Centerville Gets a Sign From the Universe 

STORY#10 The Dog Boys Get Theirs Part 1

STORY#11 Pete's Auto Repair, Time Travellers Welcome

STORY#12 The Virtual Psychopath 

STORY#13 Wormhole OS 6.9 Part 3 Mike's Revenge


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