Friday, April 1, 2016

I'm Spamming My Boook Out There and It's Working, Here's How!

It’s time to go big or go home (although I’m not sure what’s so bad about going home, I’m forty-five and home sounds pretty good, that’s where my food and bed and fast internet are) so, I have begun to obnoxiously spam the hell out of any platform where I won’t get banned for doing it with a single message, I DARE YOU! 

I dare any reader to go and taste my free sample of the new Sci Fi comedic thriller, Jacked and come back and tell me to my face that they don’t want to know what happens next! It’s simple. You either tell me why you could care less, or admit, it’s freaking great! LOL, so far over 100 people have taken me up on the challenge and no one has come back to say no thanks yet! So, how about it?
When you are an indie artist, it can pay to be bold, especially if you feel your work is up to the challenge and I think I’m ready. I’ve been pulling punches and playing by rules for far too long. So, I’m done doing things the way I used to. It hasn’t brought me any huge success when it comes to selling my own fiction. Sure, I make decent money writing marketing copy for others. (message me, I can hook you up!) But, deep down, I’m a story teller that has his own vision to share.
Here are a few things I’ve found out while working through this “soft launch” of my book.
1.       Personal invitations are by far the best way to get a sale. Most of the books I’ve seen downloaded are from a direct interaction with someone that asked about my work.
2.       Book promo Facebook groups are basically worthless, unless they are sharing your links to other place.
3.       Twitter is by far the most responsive of social media platforms and gives the most bang for the buck. (buck being time spent)
4.       I need to get my next segment finished and advertised in the first one to get some momentum going!
5.       People will help, but it takes a bit of sharing before they catch on. Whether it’s just that they haven’t seen it yet, or the fact that it takes a while to sink in, the sharing is gaining some momentum.
So, today my goal is to sell 50 copies. I am determined not to give up until I achieve it. This would be my record if I can get there. It also happens to be my “magic number” at which selling my own books trumps other work and becomes my full time job.
Right now I am looking at the FB promotional groups and figuring out how best to use them. I know there’s gold there. Just not sure how to get it out. With my writing book, I’ve done okay with work at home groups. No huge amount of sales, but when I share, it sells. No such place to sell a goofy sci fi about interdimensional travel, but, that’s what I have to work with at the moment.

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